International Forum on Engineering Decision Making

6th Forum, January 26-29, 2012, Lake Louise, Canada
Risk for temporary systems, temporary structures, and short-term activities

5th Forum, December 7-11, 2010, Stoos, Switzerland
 Global Catastrophic Risk Management - New Insights and Challenges

4th Forum, May 13-16, 2009, Hakone, Japan
Long-term Policy Makings for Sustainable Society

3rd Forum, December 12-15, 2007, Port Stephens, NSW, Australia
Optimal strategies for disaster and hazard mitigation

2nd Forum, April 26-29, 2006, Lake Louise, Canada
Decision making involving spatially distributed systems

1st Forum, December 5-9, 2004, Stoos, Switzerland
Consequence modeling in engineering decision making (including natural and technological hazards)